Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g

Markus Eisele
Yesterday was day 2 of EclipseCon 2009. That was the morning, Oracle released a major update to the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) -- which is freely available and can be installed via Oracle's Eclipse Update site or getting an all-in-one from OTN.

What's New in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g?

Object Relational Mapping and Database Tools

JPA Support

New JPA entity generation and management tools, built on WTP Dali, are included for EclipseLink, Kodo, and generic JPA providers. These new tools provide entity generation wizards supporting both Top-Down (Start from Java) and Bottom-Up (Start from Schema) JPA entity development.

In addition, the Entities Editor graphically represents relationships between existing JPA entities in the project. Combined with the JPA Details view, the Entities Editor provides a single view to manage multiple JPA entities and their relationships.

Spring ORM Generation and SpringIDE

New Spring ORM Generation tools create Spring DAO and Service classes from existing entities. These Spring DAOs include standard CRUD operations for easy data access. SpringIDE is bundled and integrated with OEPE 11g providing enhanced editing and validation of Spring configuration files.

Oracle Database Tools

New Plugins for Oracle Database development, built on Eclipse DTP, are available in OEPE 11g.

JAX-WS Web Services Tools

New JAX-WS and JAXB development tools are included supporting both Top-Down (Start from Java) and Bottom-Up (Start from WSDL) web service development for Weblogic Server. These new tools includes features for Java Web Service and WSDL generation, client generation, JAXB types generation, testing with the Web Service Test Client, and deployment tools for Weblogic Server.

Support for Weblogic Server

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse continues to provide tools for local and remote development, deployment, and debugging on Weblogic Server. OEPE 11g supports Weblogic Server value added features such as shared libraries, Fast Swap, deployment plans, and more.

OEPE 11g includes new editors for common Weblogic Server deployment descriptors, weblogic.xml and weblogic-application.xml. These new editors include wizards, validation, and code completion to streamline application configuration. Context sensitive help (hit the F1 key) has been added for every field in the editors to help users understand the semantics of these descriptors.

New Facets and Project Types

New facets and project wizards have been added to OEPE 11g in support of the new features mentioned above.

(Source: Oracle Team Blog)

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