IBM hashing out WebSphere plans

Markus Eisele
Paul Krill from Infoworld interviewed Savio Rodrigues, IBM product manager for WebSphere Application Server at the SD West 2009 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. about the future directions the WebSphere Application Server will go.

IBM plans more componentizing of its WebSphere Java application server as well as additional dynamic language support. This will continue with extensions to the existing version 7 of WebSphere or with other upgrades.

In future versions, we're going to extend our work with OSGi to further componentize the app server so that finer-grain components are started up

Support for dynamic languages helps with developing situational applications that need to be completed in days, said Rodrigues. "[For] that type of application, something like PHP or Groovy is much better for [that]," he said.

Well, I think that over the last 10 years with Java technology, we've really taken Java to the core of server-side applications. Application servers now appear not only as the foundation for end-user custom applications, but also are the foundation for a whole series of other programming models," such as enterprise service buses

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