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Talks And Conferences

Here is a list of past or upcoming conferences. Find slide-decks and presentations on speakerdeck.com or slideshare.com and some more recordings on parleys.com.

Program Committees

I have been or am part of different program committees for conferences. By doing this, I hope to spread my knowledge about recent topics, great abstracts and help new speakers to get engaged with the broader community.
  • JavaOne
  • JavaZone
  • JavaLand
  • Devoxx Marocco
  • DevNation
  • DOAG Conference
  • Devoxx UK
  • Oredev
  • Index Conference
  • Scala Days
  • Reactive Summit
  • ...


Talks at conferences and JUG meetings


Upcoming talks at conferences and JUG meetings
Just hanging out at or organizing myself:


Here is a brief summary of my talks at conferences and locations this year. Make sure to drop me a note, if you want me to speak at a User Group (JUG or JBUG) close to any of the dates!
Just hanging out at or organizing myself:

Some selected recordings from the past years in my Youtube playlist:

More on Vimeo:

GeekOut EE, June 11-12, 2015 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Øredev, 3-6th November (Malmö Sweden)


This was a busy year. I started to work at Red Hat mid July.

OpenSlava - Oct 17
  • JavaOne - Sep 26 - Oct 2
  • GeeCON Prague - Oct 23 - 24
  • JMaghreb 3.0 - Nov 4 - 8
  • JokerConf - 20-21 Oct
  • JUG Hessen - 30 Oct(more)
  • DevNation - 21-25 April, 2014
  • OUGN Spring Conference - 3-5 April
  • Devoxx BE, 10-14, November
  • JUG Hamburg - 17 December
  • NetBeans Day Munich - 2 December