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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Java!

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It's been another longer journey but yesterday, exactly two years, seven months, and eighteen days after the release of Java 7 we now have production-ready builds of Java 8 available for download! This new major release contains several new features and enhancements that increase the performance of existing applications, make it easier to develop applications for modern platforms, and increase maintainability of code. Here is a brief overview about my personal highlights.

What's new overall?
Several areas of the language itself, profiles, security, JavaFX, tooling, scripting, Date and Time, concurrency and a more or less lengthy list of things changed or got added. More than 8.000 bugs and features have been addressed and be incorporated into this release. The complete list can be found in the official release-notes.

Java Mission Control 5.3
One of the highlights is the new Java Mission Control release. It is bundled with the JDK and comes with a separate list of enhancements in it's own release-notes. Find the complete documentation as part of the official Java SE 8 documentation.

Compact Profiles
The newly introduced profiles enable reduced memory footprint for applications that do not require the entire Java platform. The javac compiler has a -profile option, which allows the application to be compiled using one of the supported profiles. The three are additive layers, so that each Profile contains all of the APIs in profiles smaller than itself. The compact profiles feature is useful in small devices with less hardware power.
And yes, I am personally still totally frustrated that Jigsaw will probably never see the light. But I am happy to be proven wrong on that.

Java Date-Time Packages
Thank you Stephen! Thank you for this great piece of work. TimesTen is the new Date and Time API in Java 8. Clear, Fluent, Immutable, Extensible. There are two basic ways to represent time. One way represents time in human terms, referred to as human time, such as year, month, day, hour, minute and second. The other way, machine time, measures time continuously along a timeline from an origin, called the epoch, in nanosecond resolution. See the official tutorial for more examples and usages.

Good Bye PermGen!
Removal of PermGen. Full stop. It's gone! YES!

Security Enhancements
More and stronger Algorithms, TLS 1.2 default and further enhancements.

Java 8 is co-bundled with the Nashorn, which is an implementation of the ECMAScript Edition 5.1 Language Specification. See the user-guide for all the details.

Happy 8th Birthday Java!
Congratulations to everybody involved. Especially the Adopt-OpenJDK community which was driven by the London-Java-Community and supported the Date-Time efforts by providing tests.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

JavaOne CfP 2014 - Open for Business

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This time of the year. Finally. It was about time. The 2014 JavaOne Call-For-Papers opened a few days back. And it is going to be a great one. Plenty of changes upcoming and it will have a huge focus on community speakers.

The rolling acceptance process from last year is back, so submit early!

A quote of mine sneaked into the advertising emails ;)
There is a new dedicated track for Agile development this year, making a total of nine Java tracks.  This year's tracks are:

• Clients and UI
• Core Java Platform
• Internet of Things
• Java Virtual Machine Languages
• Java and Security
• Tools and Techniques
• Server-Side Java
• Java in the Cloud
• Agile Development

The call for papers closes April 15th at 11:59 p.m. PDT  and there is no time to waste. The best of the best speakers from the Java/JVM ecosystem will be there and if you look at the submissions from 2012 you see that most of the content comes from the community. As usual, speakers will receive a complimentary pass to JavaOne with an accepted talk.
Go ahead and submit some awesome talks!

Abandon Fish! Migrating from GlassFish to JBoss or TomEE

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I'v been a bit busy lately writing and reviewing stuff and didn't really had the chance to wrap up content for my blog. But things will change again and I am truly looking forward to that. So this is just a small reminder about one of the latest things I've been working on. RebelLabs published their latest report yesterday and it was my pleasure to put some efforts into it.

Since a while the GlassFish community is a bit uncertain about the future of GlassFish and many developers are looking into alternatives. There are plenty of recommendations backed by vendors and evangelists. And nobody looked into the details and problem areas. It was time to change that and a bunch of people put together their thoughts and experiences about what it takes and which would be the best migration target. The outcome is the Abandon Fish! report. You can get it for free (at least for the price of your email if you want the PDF) and it contains all about the history of GlassFish, an assessment of the political situation and influencing parameters and a solid analysis about the different containers and reference implementations used on different servers. The outcome are 34 pages, beautifully designed and easy to read which guide you through the first steps and give you very good hints on what to expect when trying to migrate your existing applications from GlassFish to WildFly or TomEE.