10 Must-Know Topics For Software Architects In 2009

Markus Eisele
In the last year or so, the software architecture business has gotten especially interesting again says enterprise architect and ZDNet blogger Dion Hinchcliffe in his new 10 Must-Know Topics in Software Architecture in 2009. The industry is finally seeing major new topics emerging into the early mainstream that are potential game-changers, while at the same time a few innovations that have been hovering in the margins of the industry are starting to break out in a big way.

These innovations in software architecture are beginning to change the industry in significant ways this year: Cloud computing, non-relational databases (CouchDB, Drizzle), new distributed computing models such as Hadoop, social architectures, and more are on the must-know list while older platforms such as .NET and Java reinvent themselves to remain relevant.

In fact, there's so much new going on that the process of taking many of these ideas into our organizations and integrating them into our thought processes and architectural frameworks and bringing them to bear to solve problems and provide value will take more time than most expect.
(source: Theserverside.com)

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