70 New, Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques

Markus Eisele
As the Web grows and becomes more dynamic, more and more websites have user-generated content and tools that greatly improve the user experience in terms of usability and accessibility.
Interactive solutions for lightboxes, form validation, navigation, upload, auto-complete, image cropping, slideshows, tool tips, sliders and tables are being developed that use nifty JavaScript and AJAX scripts.
When using these, developers have to carefully consider many subtle techniques to help users get things done. In an article published by the Smashing Magazin, 70 new and useful JavaScript and AJAX techniques are presentet,
You will also find some very useful but better known techniques to use on almost any project you work on.
You can find examples and demos for the following 15 categories. All of them done with jQuery, MooTools, Prototype and script.aculo.us.

  • Calendars and Timelines

  • Navigation

  • Tool Tip

  • Menu

  • Slider

  • Slideshow

  • Image Cropping

  • Image Previewing

  • File Upload

  • Auto-Complete

  • Lightbox

  • Form

  • Table

  • Worth Checking Out

  • AJAX

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