IBM in Talks to Buy Sun

Markus Eisele
The Washington Post reports, that IBM is talking to SUN about bying them.

At the moment nobody talks about the rumor.

Ian Colley, a spokesman for IBM, declined comment on questions about any talks with Sun. A spokesman for Sun didn't return calls requesting comment.

There could be several problems with this possible merger.

A combination would require melding companies with distinct, dissimilar cultures.
Any transaction would strengthen IBM's position against rival H-P. It could be the largest acquisition in IBM's history, surpassing the acquisition of Cognos Inc. last year.
[...]The deal could face regulatory hurdles. IBM and Sun make many overlapping products, and the two of them have dominant market shares in servers that run the Unix operating system. The two companies also have overlapping products in areas that include software and tape storage systems.

After all: Let's hope, that this will never happen. I can't imagine a JEE world without Sun and the JCP. And at the end of the day I personaly do not like the IBM Websites at all. Beside the great content of the developerworks section, navigation is a mess and product documentation is distributed over many pages.
What do you think about a possible ??

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