LEGO’s Building Block For Good Experiences

Markus Eisele
Found this post by Bruce Temkin this morning. He describes a a tool LEGO uses to enhance the customer experience. It is called the "experience wheel".
The example of the output after a couple of steps; shows an approach to design a "WOW experience" for a flight to NYC.
Its an example that emphasizes the need to design for the whole experience. The emphasis here is on the “make or break” moments as well as the places/moments where additional data/information may be necessary.

You can find more details about the design concept looking at Cecilia Weckstrom's related blog post.

Experiences are tricky because at the heart of them are intangible things - feelings and emotions, but these often arise from very practical things. Frustations abound when we aren’t treated the way we expect we should be and equally, when our needs are anticipated and addressed, creating a positive surprise - we are wowed, as simple as that.

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