We all are the future of Java! :)

Markus Eisele
You have probably already seen the great Java One page, refering to the outstanding developers who are passionate about Java technology and the Java community. They share their insights about the future of Java and why they're excited about attending JavaOne 2010.
To be honest: I don't know all of them. In fact, I only know two :) But those two guys are outstanding. And I am not going to compare myself to them in any way. But I believe that the future of Java is not only about "outstanding developers" but about the whole community. Starting with the "new to Java" ones and the ones simply using the technology day after day.

And this is nothing to feel bad about. Even if you are not outstanding or not giving a session at the biggest Java event out there you are important and part of Java's future. But keep in mind, that the Java Community Leaders and Oracle as the new owner have to know what you are doing, wanting, missing. If you keep your thoughts for yourself, nothing will change. Looking somehow jealously at the named "outstanding" ones? Don't! Look at it like this: They are the ones, Oracle is listening to. And I know, that they care about YOU and your thoughts about their favorite programming language and most of them will stand up and fight, if something is going terribly wrong with the language or the ecosystem.
If you have concerns of ideas: Let them know. And look around for all the others out there, able and willing to support you. There are:
- the Java Champions
- the ACEs and ACE Directors
- the members of your favorite open source product (e.g. GlassFish)
- Oracle Technology Network Team (web/twitter)

And don't be shy. Make comments on their blogs, mailinglists, twitter, drop them an email, speak up at their sessions if you are luckily attending Java One!
For those attending: have a save travel! Hope to meet one or the other out there!

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