Day 1: ACED Briefing and the future of Java

Markus Eisele
Today was the first part of the annual ACE Director briefing at Oracle. An event that I was waiting for since some time now.
The following people gave some short slots on their topics. As usual, this is too early to talk about the content, as most of this is still confidential (until it gets officially announced at either OOW or J1). But I would like to take the chance to show you some impressions, faces and names behind the technologies you are probably using each day.
- Thomas Kurian (Executive VP, Product Development, FMW)
- Mike Lehmann (Senior Director, Product Management, FMW)
- Param Sigh (Senior Director, Product Management, Java ME)
- Greg Stachnick (Senior Director, Product Management, OEPE)
- Rohit Gupta (Senior Director, Prodcut Management)
- Demed L'Her (Director Product Management)
- Ted Farell (Chief Architect and Senior VP)
- Danny Coward (Evangelist, Java SE)
- Markus Zirn (VP, Product Management, FMW4Apps)

Basic wrap up: We are heading to a very hot week. There are some big announcements to be made. Some of them have been expected since some time. Others are completely new. The best thing is, that you get all the facts together in one place and don't have to look around to get them.
To me personally the day mostly stood under the impression of very passionate VP's talking about their technology.
And that is Java! We heard some very honest words about topics like Google, OpenSource, JCP and the future of Java. And there is one single thing I can tell you: Oracle is on the good side of the force.
You probably have seen lot's of postings, articles, press releases where people share their fears about Java's future. I have read them all. I worked on some. I've had this fears, too. They vanished away. Today. You get the chance to change your mind with some of the greatest keynotes coming up for Java One and Open World. Even if you don't believe the words you will hear.
Oracle is different to Sun. You will have to adjust your senses to this. They don't use energy on responding to things in public. They actually work on things and move forward.

Expect a stunning T.Kurian Java One Keynote (S319179):
In this opening JavaOne keynote Thomas Kurian, will share Oracle's vision for strengthened investment and innovation in Java and describe how Java will continue to grow as the most powerful, scalable, secure, and open platform for the global developer community.

"After my keynote, there is no longer any confusion about the Java feature road-map"
(T.Kurian, 16.09.10 ACED Briefing)

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