Day 6: Working and Working

Markus Eisele
Sleept longer today. Seems as if I get adjusted to the new timezone. Right in time for the flight back, which is'nt that far away. Great. Anyway. Yesterday was a mess. I had to work on some customer things in the morning and the real conference started around noon for me. I walked around The Zone and stopped by the OTN live broadcasting. Just in time to meet Ed Burns.
He is the SpecLead for JSF. It's not only fun to hear him talking about 2.x and what they are going to do. It's also fun to walk around with him. We introduced each other to different people around the Java Exhibition hall and had a nice talk. It's great to catch up with all the people in person! Really looking forward seeing him again at the DOAG Conference in November. It will be my pleasure to guide him, James and a few others around!
After that it was time for the JavaOne Technical General Session (Tuesday, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm) with Roberto Chinnici and Mark Reinhold.
Mark gave a very entertaining overview about Java since the beginning and showed some details about whats floating around the internet these days and is know as Plan B. Oracle is commited to Java. They are delivering 7 and 8 in early 2011 and late 2012. Seems as if we are finally back on something we can call a release cycle.
After that it was Robertos stage. He talked about Java EE 6. To be honest .. stuff that is a year old now. But again, he surprised us with some future insights about Java EE. Arun Gupta joined the stage and showed his great Twitter Java EE 6 demo.
As you can see, I am one among the most active tweeters around #javaee6 and #glassfish! This was my second "on-stage" appearance, at last on the slides! Awesome! It's great to support this community!
The next thing to do was to attend fellow ACED Björn and Thorsten's Session about SOA and whatever. I promised to be there and it was quite entertaining. All this was followed by a great community evening where I had the pleasure to chat with Sebastian Meyen from the German Java-Magazin. That was nice.
Let's see what this day holds. I am looking forward to the appreciation event this evening. And of course some more sessions. There are still some people out there I have not met. Come on guys: Don't be shy: I want to meet you :)

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