Day 0: OpenWorld, Oracle Develop and JavaOne.

Markus Eisele
Ok. I finally managed to get here. Starting around 4pm in MUC I arrived at SFO 7:00pm local time after a short and entertaining 12h flight yesterday. The shuttle pickup worked perfectly. Thanks to Vikki and Lillian for organizing all this so perfectly. The night was not too bad, too. Up at 4am. Last year was worser ;) Seems as if you get used to jetlag.

Today is the first day of the anual ACE Director briefing at the Oracle Headquarter. As usual I expect that we will not be able to blog too much about the things we hear and see there, but I am looking forward meeting the fellow aces and talk with long missed Oracle people.

Being up early has it's good parts. I was able to setup my annual OpenWorld flickr photoset. If you like to grap some impressions, take a look.

bringing the teees home

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