Day 3 + day 4 part one: time for mental preparation and registration

Markus Eisele
The wifi at the hilton is expensive (if you can not use the free oracle wifi beeing up in the towers) and therefore here is the post about yesterday.
There was no official program yesterday at all. All ACED spread around and did their things. I teamed up with Bjoern and we drove around to the south. Down to Gilroy, CA and back via Santa Cruz using the 1 towards San Francisco again. Took some great pictures, but they are all still on the cam. So you have to stay tuned for more picture updates.

After waking up quite comfortable at 6 am it was the early morning DOAG breakfast that kicked-off the day. Right after we went to the registration to get our badges. Nice idea. After standing in the line for a few minutes, we got them. Without any ribbons. And nobody could tell me, which conference parts I am allowed to attend now. 20 minutes later I had the J1 ribbon and feeling a little bit more comfortable. Even if nobody was able to guarantee that I would be able to access all sessions. Right. Will work. I believe it. Next was to pick up the conference "materials". Namely a bag and a t-shirt. That's what I got last year. Not today. "Only" got my ribbon for the appreciation event. Nothing more, nothing less. Great. Even if I know, that I have the conference packages for J1 and OracleDevelop and OpenWorld, I did not even got a shitty bag. This was time for the German in me.  It took me nearly two hours to find out, that Sandra is in charge of all the checkin stuff. And I found her. Talked to her. And she checked.... checked ... checked ... I stood there for about an hour while she was away with my name tag. That was scary. After another 20 minutes, I had it back. Together with a nice J1 t-shirt and a bag :) Thanks Sandra for taking care of it. Anyway, I believe that the new "material-policy" is going to bring more trouble. I mean ... I am actually wearing this stuff. And it has Oracle printed all over ... and the passes are not that cheap. Why the hell don't you strip this down to a shirt and a bag for everybody and finish all this confusion ...
The whole time schedule for the morning was over. A very short visit to the golden gate bridge was everything we could do, before the official part starts.

Now I am sitting next to Mike van Alst and we are waiting for the next things to come. On our list for today:
The GlassFish community meeting in roughly one hour. After that, back to the Zone and watching the T.Kurian Keynote. After that bus to the piers and a nice evening boat tour together with all the other ACEs. More about this to come. I already asked Björn for his 7D again and brought my 50mm 1:1,8 so, that I can take some more impressions for you. Thanks for reading. Hot news live during the Keynote via twitter.

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