Day 2: ACED Briefing and going to SFO

Markus Eisele
Second day in the states. Awake, as usual around 4 am. Not too comfortable. But this will get better over time. Today we had the second day of the annual ACE Directors briefing. Even if I would love to write about the actual contents and outlooks, we are not allowed to.
Anyway. To make this more complete and do a follow-up on yesterdays post, I also share the speakers and topics today:
- Vince Casarez, VP Product Management
- Roel Stalman, Vice President Product Management, Enterprise Content Management
- Wim Coekaerts, Senior VP, Linux and Virtualization Engineering
- Mark Townsend, VP Product Management, DB
- David Peake, Principle Product Manager, APAX
- Barb Lundhild, X-Team Manager, EXADATA

From a technologically point this really was not my day. Far too much DB stuff. I enjoyed Wim. He is awesome. And I have never seen a Senior VP before. He did a quite famous quote after we asked him, if he is the classical "manager" type. I tried to remember it, but ended up to write down something I believe he said:
Oracle management is very technical all the way up to Larry. That's the way it should be....
(free after W. Coekaerts, ACED Briefing, 18.09.10)
After the briefing and some internal ACE stuff, we had a great wrap up and finally entered the bus to move over to SFO. We arrived at the Hilton one hour later. And here we are. Lot's of rooms here. First things already in place for JavaOne and you can feel the excitement rising.
Here are some impressions from this evening to get you into the mood for Sunday :) If you want to see more, have a look at my photostream. It will get updated more frequently.
Need to express a very big THANK YOU to Björn, who was so kind letting me walk around with his new Canon 7D! Awesome toy .. I would love to have one ...

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