Switching to blog.eisele.net

Markus Eisele
As Google/Blogger will discontinue the ftp publishing I need to switch this blog, too.
If you have problems accessing it, you know why. Will post, when it is back online :) Thanks for your patience!

New adress: http://blog.eisele.net/. Is active. The content under www.eisele.net/blog/ is still available. I am going to redirect requests to files there during the next few days ...

Some tips for changing from ftp publishing to custom domain settings:
1) Add your CNAME DNS entries a few days before actually switching.
2) Switch from ftp to blogspot hosting and after that to custom domain
3) Use feedburner or comparable for your feeds
4) Add new sitemaps to googles webmaster tools
5) Add a permanent redirect with .htaccess

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