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Markus Eisele
Weekend. Finally. Hard weeks at the moment. Lot to do and too less time.
The blog move did not went smooth enough at all. Lost my template. This is basically the cause for the actuall simple look and feel. I'll try to rework this as fast as possible but I need to switch to the newer blogger template features. This takes some time.

After the Oracle/Sun merger I was posting a lot about the strategy and the webcast. Some followers already suggested I should work for Oracle ;)
I am not. And I don't know, if I ever will. But I like their products (especially the Weblogic family) and I also like Java EE 6 (and therefore GlassFish as the RI).

You will read more about best practices and experiences, if everything comes back to normal. Forgive me, thanks for following, I'll be back in less than two weeks ;)

UPDATE (01.02.10)
Things are slowly getting back normal. Improving the design step by step when there is time for it. So many template and design changes ;)

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