Oracle + Sun: Java Strategy (SE+EE+JavaOne)

Markus Eisele
The facts from the java strategy webcast (15:59 minutes):

0) Innovate and Collaborate

0.1) Java is Critical for the Industry and Critical for Oracle
It is the foundation for Middleware and Applications. Working in/on Java since 1995.
Oracle is participating in over 80 JSRs, leading nearly 20. Executive Committee member of the JCP.

0.2) JCP continues to be the process with which Java evolves

0.3) Continiu driving the Java technology and platform to be the most ... widly used, productive, reliable and performant, innovative and pervasive software foundation in the world.

1) Java SE (transcript)
  • HotSpot and JRockit continue as strategic JVMs
  • Java SE 7 continues toward target release in 2010 with many new features (modularization, productivity, dynamic languages, higher performance)

2) Java EE (transcript)
  • GlassFIsh continues as the Java EE reference implementation (RI)
  • GlassFish continues as an open source project
  • Oracle plans to offer GlassFish as part of multiple commercial Java EE application server offerings

3) Engaging with Oracle (transcript)
  • Developers:,,,,
  • Customers:
  • Partners:

4) JavaOne (transcript)
  • Continues as the premier open community event for Java. Co-located with Oracle OpenWorld, SFO, Sep 19-23 2010
  • Expanding to other countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China)

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