News and announcements from todays Oracle / Sun Webcast

Markus Eisele
I am going to update this posting during/after the webcast and try to collect the relevant information (even the ones, that are relevant to me about java, GF, JEE:))

5:19 PM (via Jason Lee) twitter
JavaOne 2010 WILL happen. Yea. :) No CommunityOne, though :|

5:29 PM (via Arun Gupta) twitter
"JavaOne is an incredible brand and experience", co-located with Oracle Open World in 3rd week of Sep this, no Community One.

5:32 PM (via Arun Gupta) twitter will continue to live, logo will be updated, love Java Champions program, invest more in infrastructure/community

5:52 (via Eddie Awad) twitter
Ellison said that he expected Sun’s chief executive, Jonathan Schwartz, to resign
many more news and updates came up during the webcast.
Most of the Java relevant ones were collected on a Oracle FaQ page.

Sun Developer Network,
For the near future, all these sites will remain in their current form.

JavaOne in 2010
JavaOne will be co-located with Oracle Develop during Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco from September 19-23, 2010.

Project Kenai
Project Kenai, will be discontinued for public use. will continue to be available at the usual URL.

Slides from the Java relevant part of Thomas Kurian:
The Appserver Slide

The Development Slide:

The Java EE Slide:

The Java FX Slide:

The Java ME Slide:

The Java SE Slide:

Java in the world:

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