Oracle + Sun: Application Server Strategy

Markus Eisele
The facts from the software strategy application server webcast (12:55 minutes):

0) Complete.Open.Integrated. set of products
From Hardware, to Database, to Middleware up to Applications.

0.1) Application Grid is the relevant part of Fusion Middleware
It's the plattform that powers the Oracle Applications.
Supports all your application environments.
Contains: Weblogic, Coherence, JRockit, Tuxedo, Enterprise Manager

0.2) Sun portfolio:
GlassFish Enterprise Server, Java System WebServer, GlassFish Web Space Server, GlassFish Web Stack

1) Combined Oracle-Sun Solution Focus (transcript)
  • GlassFish continues as the Java EE reference implementation and as an open source project
  • Oracle's strategic application server Oracle WebLogic Server, together with GlassFish, provide world class Java EE infrastructure
  • GlassFish Enterprise Server and WebLogic Server expected to share core components
  • Oracle plans to add GlassFish Enterprise Server to all WebLogic offerings
  • HotSpot and JRockit become OracleÄs strategic JVMs
  • Java System Web Server part of new Oracle Web Tier offering
  • GlassFish Web Stack maintained for existing customers
  • GlassFish Message Queue remains as the GlassFIsh messaging infrastructure

2) Licensing, Support and Maintenance (transcript)
  • Oracle plans to license GlassFish Server and Java System Web Server with all WebLogic Server offerings
  • GlassFIsh also available as standalone offering
  • GlassFish will continue to be supported and maintained for an extended time period for customers current on support
  • GlassFish v2.1 Premier Support up to Jan 2013, Extended support up to Jan 2015)
  • GlassFish v3.0 Premier Support up to Jan 2014, Extended support up to Jan 2017)
  • Full details for support will be published next weeks.

3) Engaging with Oracle
  • GlassFish open source projects thrive. Ongoing commitment by Oracle to and other open source projects that make-up GlassFish
  • Continued collaboration, Blogs (The Aquarium), Enhancements ( and the GlassFish Wiki
  • More information:

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