Spring Framework 3.0 RC1 released

Markus Eisele
Juergen Hoeller announced the availability of the newest Spring Framework 3.0 RC1 release.

This release completes the key Spring 3.0 feature set. Beginning with the original themes REST and EL the feature list have been expanded significantly:

  • Fully Java 5 based
  • Spring expression language (SpEL)
  • Extended support for annotation-based components
  • Powerful stereotype model
  • Standardized dependency injection annotations
  • Declarative model validation based on constraint annotations
  • Enhanced binding and formatting facilities
  • Comprehensive REST support
  • Object/XML Mapping (OXM)
  • Portlet 2.0 support
  • Next-generation scheduling capabilities
  • Early support for Java EE 6

More words on the JEE6 support. Spring 3.0 already supports the use of JSF 2.0 and JPA 2.0 in a Spring environment, in addition to JSR-303 and JSR-330 support. Further Java EE 6 related specifications such as Servlet 3.0 will be fully supported as they become available in concrete products; this is scheduled for the Spring 3.1/3.2 timeframe.

You can grep the build from the community download page.

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