27 of september - #vote in germany

Markus Eisele
This is a special date this year. Not only that it's my birthday where I get ((58647 - 45678 + 4758 - 324 + 589) * 0,54) - 715,68 - 8967) years old.
It is about the elections to the Bundestag in Germany. I have never been too much into politics. My main interest always was about environmental protection
and a safe place to life. Both grew again since I am a father :) This year another topic appeared on the map. It is all about freedom.
Freedom to protect what is called privacy. Freedom to access information and to restrict copyright laws to a practical level.

Deine Daten gehoeren Dir! Datenschutz ist Buergerrecht

Whatever party you are going to choose next sunday. Make shure to spend the few minutes and vote!

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