Gartner Identifies Ten Enterprise Architecture Pitfalls

Markus Eisele

"Selecting the wrong person as lead enterprise architect, and not engaging business people are two of the biggest pitfalls organisations face when trying to establish an effective enterprise architecture (EA) programme, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner analysts have identified the ten biggest EA pitfalls, as well as practical advice on how organisations can avoid them." - From Gartner Press Release

Read the complete press release.

The ten pitfalls:
1. The Wrong Lead Architect
2. Insufficient Stakeholder Understanding and Support
3. Not Engaging the Business People
4. Doing Only Technical Domain-Level Architecture
5. Doing Current-State EA First
6. The EA Group Does Most of the Architecting
7. Not Measuring and Not Communicating the Impact
8. Architecting the ‘Boxes’ Only
9. Not Establishing Effective EA Governance Early
10. Not Spending Enough Time on Communications

To me most of the points already apply to a normal enterprise software project. It realy does not need to be a full blown EA project.

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