Next Generation Java Programming Style

Markus Eisele
Stephan Schmidt wrote a nice blogpost about the next generation Java programming style. Many developers move away from Java to new languages like Ruby, Python, Groovy, Erlang, Scala. If you are trapped with Java, you can still use some of the benefits of those new languages.

  1. Final is your new love

  2. No setters

  3. Do not use loops for list operations

  4. Use one liners

  5. Use many, many objects with many interfaces

  6. Use Erlang-Style Concurrency

  7. Use Fluent Interfaces

  8. Data Transfer Objects without setters and getters

About the author: Stephan Schmidt is head of development at brands4friends. He has over 25 years of programming experience, more than 15 years of internet technology experience and 10 years experience in agile. He was head of development, consultant and CTO in different companies and is a speaker, author and blog writer. He specializes in organizing and optimizing software development helping medium companies and startups by increasing productivity with lean software development and agile methodologies.

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