Java EE 6 will be around November

Markus Eisele
As announced today on The Aquarium from pelegri the new JEE6 specification will include both JSR 330 and JSR 299. A blog entry from Roberto Chinnici explains the details about:

I'm happy to announce that, thanks to the work of many individuals, we've come to a positive resolution on this issue. Here are the key points:

* JSR-299 will be updated to use the JSR-330 annotations
* The initial draft of JSR-330 has evolved to take into account requirements coming from JSR-299
* Both JSRs will be part of the Java EE 6 Platform

This very late addition of a new JSR changes the release date of the platform to sometime in November:

Overall, we expect these changes to add four-six weeks to the schedule for Java EE 6. That would put the final release some time in November.

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