Best Eclipse Plugins

Markus Eisele
I am always on the hunt for new eclipse plugins, that eases development. There is a very (too) short list of them up to now.
How about you? Do you have favourite plugins? Which ones?

- Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

- JadClipse

- Subclibse

For SVN Versions <= 1.5
Subclipse is an Eclipse Team Provider plug-in providing support for Subversion within the Eclipse IDE.

- Subversive

For SVN Versions >= 1.5
The Subversive project aims to provide Subversion (SVN) integration for Eclipse.
The Subversive plug-in gives you the ability to work with this CVS successor
version control system from the Eclipse workbench.

- Explore FS

ExploreFS is a tiny plugin (~6KB) that opens a selected file in the folder of the native file manager.
It adds "Explore in File System" to the context menu of Eclipse's package explorer, resource navigator, and other views.

- Log4E

Log4E is an Eclipse Plugin which helps you to set up your logger easily in Java Projects.
It assists you in several tasks: logger declaration, logger Insertions at certain method entries,
substitution of System out's, modification of already existing logger statements.
Log4E has active support for Log4j, Commons Logging and JDK 1.4 Logging.

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