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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monitoring Performance Using the WebLogic Diagnostics Framework

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Mike Cico wrote a quick tour of your options for gathering server and application performance data from Oracle WebLogic Server which was published on otn.oracle.com.
The articel focuses on using WLDF to instrument an application and monitor its performance via the WLDF console.

In detail it focuses on:
* Monitoring for SLA violations
* Monitoring CPU load
* Graphing method and MBean data
* Finding bottleneck methods

If you want to start over with the WLDF for the first time, you could also have a first look at the introductional article by Rebecca Sly.

Mike Cico is a senior developer on the WebLogic Server Diagnostics Framework team with Oracle. When not doing that, he has been known to spend time with his family camping, bike riding, and skiing; when not doing those things, he's usually lifting weights down at his local gym.


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