Developer Interview (#DI15) with Niko Köbler (@dasniko) Java EE and Node.js Performance

Markus Eisele
Developer interview Friday. Today it is my pleasure to welcome Niko Köbler (@dasniko). We meet a couple of times before and I love following his ramblings about JavaScript on the server side. I talked to him about why and how he came in contact with server side JavaScript in general and made him show a little more about his recent performance test, that he ran against RESTFUL backends (WIldFly and node.js). For those interested in more numbers, he has a blog-post up about it High-Performance Microservices - Node.js vs. Wildfly

Niko works as an independant and self-employed software architect, developer and trainer for Java and JavaScript enterprise solutions, integrations and web development. At the moment he is focussing on running Node.js applications in JVM environments and integrating best of both worlds.
He advises and supports clients across industries, conducts workshops, trainings and architecture reviews. Niko is co-lead of a local Java User Group (, writes articles and speaks regularly at international tech conferences.

Find the code he showed on his github account:
a) Wildfly App
b) Node.js App

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