DevConf.CZ Slides and Trip Report

Markus Eisele
It's been a short but intense trip. I was invited to speak at the annual DevConf.CZ which happened in Brno, Czech Republic last week. Spanning 3 days, brings together around 1000 developers, quality engineers, administrators, and users from the Fedora, JBoss, and Red Hat communities. With almost 100 talks and workshops spread over 6 different tracks, is one of the largest events celebrating free software in the region.
After the keynote by Tim Burke and Mark Little, the attendees had to pick the best from a very wide-spread schedule with many great topics. The fact, that Red Hat has a large office in Brno gives plenty of opportunity to talk to engineers which you normally wouldn't meet in that compilation elsewhere.
If you want to get some more impressions, Google was so nice to compile a story from my trip. Make sure to check it out.

All the talks have been recorded, make sure to check-out the RedHatCzech YouTube Channel. Just for reference, these are the slides of my talks. Thanks to all attendees for your great feedback and attention! Hope to be back next year!

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