Developer Interview (#DI13) Vlad Mihalcea (@vlad_mihalcea) about High Performance Hibernate

Markus Eisele
I'm happy to announce the availability of the next developer interview. The lucky number 13 was caught by Vlad Mihalcea (@vlad_mihalcea). He is a developer since more than 10 years and been designing and developing software reaching from common enterprise applications to high performance batch and transaction processing systems.
Whenever he finds something interesting, he shares it on his blog. As a strong believer in Open Source Software he advocates for everybody to get involved in supporting it. There are plenty of things to do, ranging from updating documentation, to reporting issues or sending pull-requests.

We talked  about his free Hibernate master class training, that he is continuously publishing on his blog.

Sit back, relax and get a #Coffee+++! Thanks, Vald for taking the time!

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