The Java Council: First vJUG Podcast. Microservices, Events and all Java.

Markus Eisele
I was invited to join the vJUG and give a talk about Large Enterprise Java Architecture and as a follow-up I also had the chance to be among the first guests of the newly created Virtual JUG Podcast.

Recording the Podcast with Hangouts, Audacity, Skype and Google Docs.
Featuring regulars Simon Maple, Trisha Gee and Martijn Verburg with guests Markus Eisele and, Daniel Fullarton. The team did a great job guiding the guests through the show. We talked about all kinds of things, like past events and happenings, looked at the most recent developments in and around Java and also reviewed the latest community news. I think, it's been a very funny hour and we covered a lot.
Thanks again for inviting me, it's been my pleasure. Get the podcast from the Virtual JUG page and have something to listen during your commute or lunch-hour. Don't forget to get a #coffee+++! ;)

TIMINGS: (Show Notes)
Community News: 18:55
Events/New Product Releases: 38:10
In the News: 1:01:10
Rant/Inspiration of the month: 1:11:17
Total Length: 1:16:58

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