Virtual JBoss User Group (Virtual:JBUG)

Markus Eisele
Do you know what the number one stop for all kinds of great JBoss developer sessions is? No? It is the Virtual JBoss User Group. It has been launched at the beginning of this year and gained more and more attraction. The idea behind it is pretty simple. Make it easy for all interested developers around the world to attend a user group and take advantage of the knowledge that is shared in those meetings. With all our days becoming more and more busy it is just a bit like NetFlix. Instead of having to walk or drive to attend a session you're interested in you could either join the live-stream or watch a recording of the session. Some pretty awesome ones have already been held since it's launch. But this is only the beginning. We're looking for speakers and content and of course appreciate any ideas and hints to improve on the meetings.

So, if you are interested in latest and greatest from the JBoss ecosystem, just tune in to the meetings or subscribe to the Youtube channel.

If you want to give a session, send your suggestions to Paul Robinson (@Pfrobinson) or myself (@myfear), by shooting out to us on twitter or leave a comment on this blog-post or send me an email to markus at jboss dot org.

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