Trip Report: OpenSlava 2014

Markus Eisele
I had the pleasure to attend OpenSlava conference in Bratislava last week. It is a one day event which is comparably new and launched last year. This year it grew even bigger and even expanded to another area at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEI STU) of Bratislava. And as there are no registration fees for the conference, it is a great chance to catch up with a lot of interesting speakers.

Bratislava is a wonderful city and it is a pity that there was barely enough time to see a little bit of it. The organization of the event was great and everything went smoothly. So, thank you to the whole team! If you want to receive updates on the event make sure to follow @OpenSlava on Twitter or like the OpenSlava Facebook page.

I gave a presentation about the 50 Best Features of Java EE 7. The slides are published on speakerdeck. Sorry for having to squeeze everything into 35 minutes. It was a funny rush and I hope the attendees enjoyed it!

And you can also watch the recording of the talk on youtube:

There are many other recordings on the youtube account, so make sure to also check out:
- Mark Little talking about "Open Source Trends"
- Marek Jelen abut how to "Bring DevOps to the Enterprise with PaaS"
- Karoly Nagy and "The next wave in BPM from Red Hat"

I leave you with a bunch of impressions from the venue and the city. Thanks for having me! Looking forward to next year!

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