Trip Report DevNation 2014

Markus Eisele
It's been an amazing week. Being announced as a features speaker put some more pressure as usual on me. But heading out to San Francisco for the second time this year was amazing. The typical hazels with a 10+ hour flight and immigration are easy to leave behind when you arrive in sunny and warm weather.

The inaugural DevNation happened this year being the new open source, polyglot conference for application developers and maintainers. Directly next to RedHat Summit in the famous Moscone Center. The speaker lineup was amazing and session titles were pretty new, too.

Moscone promised to be a prominent and well know location for this brand new conference. Even if the competition on Java events and conferences in the Bay Area is amazing RedHat managed to pull of something very attractive here. There has been plenty of space for people to hang out and the session rooms were close to each other to prevent longer walks around. The opportunity to drop into the Summit occasionally and see the huge exhibition area also added to the positive mix. Generally the distance between the developer centered DevNation conference and the JBoss Developer Lounge was kind of negative. I'd preferred to have some more JBoss action closer to the conference. Beside this the attendees had plenty of time to talk and hang out with speakers and organizers. It was a pleasure to be there and I am really looking forward to next years conference! Find some impressions from my visit in the G+ album.
G+ Album DevNation 2014

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