Next gig tonight: Java EE 7 update for JUG Darmstadt

Markus Eisele
Normally I don't do this kind of posts happily. But this one is an exception. The German Java User Group Darmstadt was kind enough to invite me to speak about my favorite topic. With all the topics I have talked about in 2011 I thought it would be a good idea to update the guys on Java EE 7 roadmap and progress. And I was right! Why? Johannes Leebmann designed a really nice poster for the event and I simply love it! This will be a great evening! Looking forward to tonight. If you feel like going, find more details and information about how to register at the website.

And one last thing: A big "thank you" to msg systems ag (Travel and Logistics) for supporting both me and the JUG Darmstadt tonight!

UPDATE 14.12.11:
Here are the slides! Hope you like them! (Beside the title, they are completely English, btw :) So, don't fear looking at them ;)

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