It doesn't feel like, but I was in Brazil for JavaOne!

Markus Eisele
JavaOne is on the road again and just a few days back the Brazilian show ended. According to the blog-posts around it was a big success! I was a bit jealous about not making it there. But I was on the road quite a bit this year and I also have a daily job to do and family is important too, and, and, and ... You know how those kind of sentences end. It was a pleasure seeing Fabiane and Bruno doing an awesome job at the community keynote which was recorded by Loaine. Ok, what's the point of that post exactly? I just wanted to keep you updated with the result of a wonderful idea. At the end of November Fabiane and Bruno called out to the Java developers and asked for their picture in which they are spending precious time on their hobbies. I liked the idea and submitted a picture taken by my little 3 y/o daughter (!). And yes, thanks to the wonderful SouJava people it also made a small appearance in the JavaOneBr Community Keynote.

Here is the complete video, watch minutes 18:30 ongoing for the complete show.

Thanks Fabiane, Bruno, SouJava and Oracle! It was a pleasure contributing :)

UPDATE (13.12.11)
Here is a revised version of the "Real Java Geeks".

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