Kscope 11 - Day 3

Markus Eisele
What a day. All started with a sweet breakfast in the sun right in front of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. Followed by a nice general session in which the KScope 12 location was announced. So. Nice. The bad part, I had to give the first two sessions of the day starting at 11:15. So I was a little bit excited. And with the time coming closer I got nervous.
Speakers Fear ;)
Anyway, I think I did a good job in general and had the pleasure to do some introductory sessions about Java . The good part here was, that the KScope team forced their speakers to send the slides in early and I was well prepared. That's what I was hoping at last. It turned out, that there is always room for improvement and  I had a lot of stuff to tell, which was not on the slides, so ... anyway. Thanks to everybody for attending. I enjoyed it!
The rest of the day was all about finding out about other topics. I attended a couple of sessions and tried to learn about other speakers doing their job. It was my pleasure to meet Maiko Rocha and had a great time chatting with him. He's also a very talented photographer (even if he is a Nikon addict, I'll forgive you! ).
In general conferences are good places to meet. People, you know personally. People you see once a year, people you write to everyday via your social media stream. At conferences you have most of them at your fingertips and it's a pleasure spending time with them! And of course it's always a great pleasure to see all the ACEs and ACED around! I have missed you! Good to be back with all of you! Thanks OTN for bringing us here! Thanks KScope for the opportunity to speak in front of the audience!
The afternoon was a little boring. Everybody knew, that there are some great panels and BoFs later on and it was basically time to get some needed sleep or rest in general. Taking the cam walking around and taking pictures was the only true option :) Again, I updated my flickr photoset which has now grown to 95 pictures. I hope, you enjoy it. Love to read your comments.

Here are the presentations:

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