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Markus Eisele
You might have seen my earlier post about the W-JAX and their speakers. I received some feedback from people interested in comparing the results to other conferences. I thought about that and found it reasonable to do. Here we go. Next on the list is the Devoxx (former JavaPolis). Again, this was compiled from the sources available (compare links at the end of the post). I asked Stephan to get some more information from him but I guess, he is too busy organizing the 2011 event. So, I would be happy to receive any corrections or additions.
Btw: the 2011 CfP is still open. At the time posting for less than 9 days 15:48:21.

General Information
The Devoxx is "The Java™ Community Conference". Rebranded from former JavaPolis it's basically the conference of the Belgian JUG. With it's no1 speakers and topics it has become one of the main Java conferences around. The Devoxx conference is a special blend of many IT disciplines, ranging from Java to Scripting, FX to RIA, Agile to Enterprise, Security to Cloud and much more.

General Speaker Distribution
Let's start with a look at the general distribution of the speakers.
Speakers per year
The first one after the rebranding from JavaPolis was the one with the most speakers in general. 2009 was reduced to the numbers of a very early W-JAX with 2010 being back to the hundred. It's most likely, that the 2011 Devoxx will be around this numbers again.

Top 13 - always on
In this case we do not have a simple top 10, but a top 13 list of speakers attending every Devoxx since 2008. The 2011 speakers are not announced until now, so I don't know, if this list will be smaller after that.

Guillaume Laforge
Richard Bair
Kirk Pepperdine
Bill Venners
Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine
Brian Goetz
Jasper Potts
Carl Quinn
Mark Reinhold
Chet Haase
Virgil Dodson
Dan Allen
Dick Wall

Speaking at W-JAX and Devoxx
There are a couple of speakers which can be seen at both. At last for 2010 I did look at them and found the following ones:

Stefan Tilkov
Dan Allen
Viktor Klang
Christian Dupuis
Adam Bien

Frequent speaker distribution
Ok, now let's look at the general distribution between first-timers, frequent and top speakers.
Breakdown by years.

Compared with the W-JAX this is a very low fraction of returning speakers and also a lower fraction of two-timers.

Nearly 70% one-timers
Nearly 70% one-timers and only 13% of top speakers attending every conference since 2008 makes a great mix.
Complete speaker distribution 2008-2010

Woohhoow. I did expect similar results as from the W-JAX, but I must say, that you see far more "fresh blood" at the Devoxx. And there is one thing, the numbers don't tell you: The speakers are excellent and well known. Even the ones, speaking on one conference only.

Devoxx 2008 Speakers
Devoxx 2009 Speakers
Devoxx 2010 Speakers

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