New Article in German Java Aktuell (iJUG) about GlassFish 3.1

Markus Eisele
As usual, another short hint about a recently published article of mine. The German iJUG Magazin called "Java Aktuell" is available since 3rd of May and you can read all about the new GlassFish 3.1 release. If you like, you can check out some other articles of mine. Some of them done in English, too, you just search this blog for posts, labeled "article" and you get some results.

One sentence about the title: "Does it come to a rift - Community and Oracle". I like the visual but I can't comment on the content until I have not read it. And that's sad but true. I haven't until now. But I believe, I will update this post with some more comments if this to-do is removed from my list.

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