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Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog redesign - and some thoughts.

09:37 Monday, May 16, 2011 Posted by Test 4 comments:
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You have heard about the recent Blogger outage? This blog was affected also. I lost a redesign I did in the few hours between the trouble started and they started noticing it. Anyway, I am not too sad about this. I'm not blogging on a daily basis and I could do without 20.5 hours of not being able to post. And the blog was accessible all the time. That is something I call a good service.
All the discussions about the outage bring some things back to the users minds. You are not paying for the service. It's free and with this being a free service, I am very happy about it's stability. I have seen some more and worser outages with services I pay for. Thanks Google for providing blogger.com to us. And thanks for your overall performance and stability.

Your probably reading this in a reader, so I thought I share a screenshot of the new blog design with your. It's lighter, more open and content centric. I am going to drop the black background on the main eisele.net pages, too. Hope, you like it. come back often and contribute! I am happy to have your here and thanks for any hint and contribution you, dear fellow reader, do!
Have a great week, happy blogging (again) and take care!


  1. Thanks Bob! Trying hard to get better ;)

  2. very minimalist! the black/orange was very distinctly your style, but this is definitely easier on the eyes. cheers, jambay

  3. This looks very nice and clean. I like it.