Celebrating GlassFish v3 final

Markus Eisele
Roberto Chinnici wrote about this on his blog a few days ago.

The final release will happen on December 10, when GlassFish v3 will be available.

Today finaly is the day! What we all have been waiting for since so long is there.
Download GlassFish v3 (the Java EE 6 referenz implementation)

About Java EE 6:
Java EE provides a standard for portable, robust, multi-tiered server side applications. Java EE 6, improves on the Java EE 5 developer productivity features, breaks the "one size fits all" approach with Web Profiles, adds extensibility, and more. GlassFish v3 delivers the modularity, extensibility and rightsizing capabilities of the new Java EE 6 platform and provides a lightweight, modular, and extensible platform for your Web and Enterprise applications.

Major new features:
  • Profiles
  • Pruning
  • Pluggability/Extensibility
  • Continuing push for ease of development

My Java EE 6 Articles:
Watch out for the german iX magazin issue no.1/2010. It will contain my introductionary article about Java EE 6. Available from the 17.12.09.

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