Twitter Search in #weblogic console

Markus Eisele
A need to have "toy" for all twitter addicted WebLogic admins out there :-)
This is a quite lean console-extension, that searches for the #weblogic hashtag on twitter and displays it's results on top of every page of the wls admin console.

This example again makes use of JTwitter 1.2.
Download the war file and drop it to your domains console-ext directory.
If needed, add -DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=proxy -DproxyPort=1234 to your setDomainEnv scripts JAVA_PROPERTIES.

Now restart the server and access the console via http://host:port/console/

If you don't want to console to be deployed everytime you access it, you should switch of "on-demand deployment of internal applications". (Your domain => Configuration => General.

Howto write your own console-extension:
Have a look at the Extending the Administration Console for Oracle WebLogic Server Guide (PDF) and give it a try.

Brief summary:
- Setup WAR Project with your fav IDE
- Create ext_jsp folder
- Create portlets folder
- Create WEB/INF/netuix-extension.xml file
- Create portlets/yourPortletFile.portlet
- Create ext_jsp/yourJSPpage.jsp

As you might have guessed, this is a realy simple example. Only one JSP. No backend logic at all. You might think of different enhancements. But there was no time left for me, trying this out.

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