Done is the engine of more.

Markus Eisele
Ralf Westphal (Blog/Twitter) pointed me to this one. Done by Bre Pettis (Blog/Twitter)
To be honest, I was first smiling about this one and only retweeting it. After some time, I decided to print it and put it on the wall of my office. Not only, cause the poster looks awesome, but mainly because of the attitude described in the manifesto. Ok, it is exaggerating and a provocation. But as always, there is some truth in it at least. I don't know why, but it seems to me, that more and more people are afraid of "getting things done". Since the beginning of the so called "financial crisis", it seems to me that more and more people try to reach safe harbors. Not condemnable by default. But I feel, that in a growing number of situations this is slowing everything down.

Therefore I use this poster to remember some things:
- There is a difference between talking about and doing things. (I prefer doing things!)
- If you don't do it, probably no one else will do it. (You can do it!)
- You are responsible for yourself. (Don't hide! Stand up for your opinion.)
- Innovations are necessary parts of success. (Embrace change!)
- Making mistakes but learning from them is ok. (I do make mistakes, too. Mistakes, are vital to learning!)
- What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself. (Be yourself. Be enthusiastic!)
- Getting things done is a personal success. (It feels good!)
- If you get work done, more work will come to you. (Done is the engine of more.)

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