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Markus Eisele
I finished a new article yesterday. This will be about the new Oracle Weblogic Server 10gR3. Beside this, there was not too much time this year for articles and new stuff. Mainly because I have to work on a big project that does not realy allow spending time for private things.
Anyhow, I search for new topics and hypes wherever possible. And of course I look back in time. This was my starting point today to browse my published articles archive. Not too much. But impressive for me at all. 37 published articles in seven different magazines. Two of them only publish online versions. All started back in 2003. With an article about Flash MX and webapplications. Together with a former coworker Kai Koenig. This lean start was followed by another article in 2004. The first one about BEA stuff. Driven by a project at work, I was able to compile some details about Weblogic Portal Server. I wrote five articles in 2005. Among them you can find the first published version of a review about the Weblogic Server. The year 2006 was my best article year up to now. 17 more or less in a row. This means I was present more than once a month in the german IT magazin world :-) Big deal, if you ask me ;) The curve went down after this. In 2007 I was only able to write nine articles at all. For now it seems as if I can not hold the frequent writings up like this. In 2008 I finished only four. Maybe two or three will follow. But it seems as if the 2007 specification can not be met at all.
Anyhow, I will try to stick to writings. It's quite relaxing to me to structure thoughts and share them with a broader audience. Maybe I get the chance to do more writings in english next year :) Or a book. A book is something on the list of things to do for me since a very long time :)

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