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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Red Hat JBoss Engineers about Java EE, Container, Microservices and Testing

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JavaOne has been a blast for all of us. The biggest community gathering for all Java ecosystem enthusiasts. And there's been a lot of networking plus great content. Red Hat had a packed schedule for the mini theater sessions on the booth and I wanted to point you to the available recordings on the Red Hat Developers event page. There's been a great coverage around all recent topics. Especially around Java EE 7, Microservices, Testing, Containers and WildFly Swarm.

This is a perfect match for a little break in-between the next conferences. So, sit back, relax and get a cup of coffee and learn about the latest news in just a couple of short sessions.

Jason Porter (@lightguardjp)
Standardized Extension-Building in Java EE with CDI and JCA

Aslak Knutsen (@aslakknutsen), Alex Soto (@alexsotob) & Bartosz Majsak (@majson)
Taming Microservices Testing with Arquillian

Rafael Benevides (@rafabene) & Markus Eisele (@myfear)
Docker for Java EE Developers

Ken Finnigan (@kenfinnigan)
Java EE 7 Applications as a Microservice with WildFly Swarm


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