Docker for Java EE Developers - A Sneak Peak Into Our JavaOne HOL

Markus Eisele
Instead of writing a blogpost, I should be cleaning and packing. Actually, JavaOne is just around the corner and beside my own two sessions about Apache Camel and the future of integration, I'm really looking forward to the Docker for Java EE developers Hands On Lab. A lot of preparations went into this one and it has been given some times before, but this is actually the first time that Rafael and I get a chance to run through the complete revamped version of it.
And to get you excited for it, we did a tiny little recording with some first Docker basics and demos from the lab yesterday. Sit back, relax and get a #coffee+++!

Docker for Java EE Developers [HOL7249]
Wednesday, Oct 28, 3:00 p.m. | Hilton—Franciscan Room B/C/D
Containers are enabling developers to package their applications in new ways that are portable and work consistently everywhere: on your machine, in production, in your data center, and in the cloud. And Docker has become the de facto standard for those portable containers in the cloud. This lab offers developers an intro-level hands-on session with Docker, from installation to exploring Docker Hub, to crafting their own images, to adding Java apps and running custom containers. This is a BYOL (bring your own laptop) session, so bring your Windows, OS X, or Linux laptop and be ready to dig into a tool that promises to be at the forefront of our industry for some time to come.

Rafael Benevides (@rafabene), Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Rafael is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on JBoss open-source projects with emphasis on improving developer productivity. In his current role, he is the JBoss Developer Materials lead providing Quickstarts and tools to improve the developer's experience. He worked in several fields including application architecture and design. Besides that, he is also member of Apache DeltaSpike PMC - a Duke’s Choice Award winner project.

Markus Eisele (@myfear), Developer Advocate, Red Hat GmbH
Markus is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat and focuses on JBoss Middleware. He is working with Java EE servers from different vendors since more than 14 years and talks about his favorite topics around Java EE on conferences all over the world. He has been a principle consultant and worked with different customers on all kinds of Java EE related applications and solutions. Beside that he has always been a prolific blogger, writer and tech editor for different Java EE related books. He is an active member of the German DOAG e.V. and it's representative on the iJUG e.V. As a Java Champion and former ACE Director he is well known in the community.

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