Developer Interview (#DI16) with Veer Muchandi (@VeerMuchandi) Docker, OpenShift Enterprise v3 and Kubernetes

Markus Eisele
TGIF! And time for a new episode in my developer interview series. With everybody going crazy about containers, Docker and such I decided to talk to someone who once was a middleware/Java EE guy and let him introduce all the latest news and stuff around OpenShift Enterprise v3.

Veer Muchandi is a Senior Middleware Specialist/Architect at RedHat, an open source enthusiast specifically in OpenShift PaaS and Java EE. Veer is also an Enterprise Architect with broad experience with multiple technologies ranging from legacy mainframes to bleeding edge cloud technologies.

Sit back, relax and get a #Coffee+++! Thanks, Veer for taking the time!

Some Background:
OpenShift 3.x will incorporate a number of significant model changes to better align the PaaS with the evolving development and operational ecosystems - leveraging the Docker container runtime and image model, the Google container management model, and the Mesos scheduling and execution framework. The upstream project, OpenShift Origin is in master and everybody is waiting for the first beta builds. Please NOTE: OpenShift is in alpha and is not yet intended for production use. However they welcome feedback, suggestions, and testing as we approach our first beta. So, if you get a chance to test-drive it: Go for it!

Architecture Overview:

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