Infinite Possibilities - Trip Report Devoxx Belgium 2014

Markus Eisele
Just a short few days back I was at Devoxx Belgium. For those not in the know. Devoxx Belgium is the premier European java conference and is often referred to as the Java One of Europe. It's a developer centric conference. The folks in attendance are generally language geeks, jvm junkies, performance nuts and general java enthusiasts. We, Red Hat, have been sponsoring the event for a few years now and had a premier stand along with a keynote slot at this years event.

Infinite Possibilities with JBoss, xPaaS and OpenShift
This was a very special Devoxx for me, because I had the opportunity to be part of the official Red Hat keynote. The demo which was part of it came together over a couple of weeks with a lot of engagement by many many peers. I already did post a complete technical rundown of what the audience was able to see. The slides used by Mike are published to slideshare in the meantime (embedded below) and we're looking forward to the recording which should go out to soon.

(Source: BJUG Flickr Devoxx Album)
Red Hat at Devoxx
We had a very blue booth this year. It was fun to take part in the team who build all around it and it was just incredibly satisfying to see it all come together. James did the artwork and design, I helped with many tiny things and Karen-Jo held all the loose ends together. Ray, Arun, Karin and many many more also took part in shaping every detail around it.

(Source: BJUG Flickr Devoxx Album)
Red Hatters at Devoxx
From Red Hat's side there were a few folks from engineering, the BU, pre-sales, consulting and marketing. There's been plenty of speakers and sessions by Red Hatters. A complete list is available via (Speakers/Sessions) and it was an endless resource of great presentations around all the things that move JBoss and middleware in Red Hat.

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