Abandon Fish! Migrating from GlassFish to JBoss or TomEE

Markus Eisele
I'v been a bit busy lately writing and reviewing stuff and didn't really had the chance to wrap up content for my blog. But things will change again and I am truly looking forward to that. So this is just a small reminder about one of the latest things I've been working on. RebelLabs published their latest report yesterday and it was my pleasure to put some efforts into it.

Since a while the GlassFish community is a bit uncertain about the future of GlassFish and many developers are looking into alternatives. There are plenty of recommendations backed by vendors and evangelists. And nobody looked into the details and problem areas. It was time to change that and a bunch of people put together their thoughts and experiences about what it takes and which would be the best migration target. The outcome is the Abandon Fish! report. You can get it for free (at least for the price of your email if you want the PDF) and it contains all about the history of GlassFish, an assessment of the political situation and influencing parameters and a solid analysis about the different containers and reference implementations used on different servers. The outcome are 34 pages, beautifully designed and easy to read which guide you through the first steps and give you very good hints on what to expect when trying to migrate your existing applications from GlassFish to WildFly or TomEE.

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