Island News - New German Java Blog

Markus Eisele
This blog has its fans and I am very thankful for them. But one little drawback always has been that I blog in English. And I like it the way it is. But as a German there is always the need to spread the word out to the German Java Community.
And in order to do this in my native language the idea was born to actually run a German blog. Naughty, isn't it? :) It probably wouldn't be an option to simply setup a translated version of this blog. Nobody would want that. Especially not me. But German publishing house Heise was so kind to offer me a nice place on their developer website. This is where I will be blogging about news from the Island of Java. In German. It will be a mix of technical and non-technical topics. Mostly like I try to do it here. So if you're interested in reading about my rumblings with Java and the latest news from the community in German: Head over there and please don't forget to give feedback. I love to hear about what you want to read.

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