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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

German iJUG e.V. interviewed in latest Oracle Java Magazine

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This has been on the list of things I was looking forward to since some time now. Oracle's own Java Magazine regularly features JUGs around the world in their digital edition and today it finally was time for an interview with the German "Interest Alliance of the Java User Groups (iJUG)"

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iJUG Interview (Source: Oracle Java Magazine)

The Interest Alliance of the Java User Group (iJUG) is an association of twelve Java User Groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The ambition of the iJUG is to represent the interests of more than 20,000 Java User and the Java User Groups. If you want to know more about them visit the German website http://www.ijug.eu

And if you are interested in writing: Take a look at their mouthpiece called "Java Aktuell" which is a German speaking magazine covering all the latest and greatest in the Java ecosystem.


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